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SPUTNIK – design by Luca Scacchetti

SPUTNIK – design by Luca Scacchetti

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Lathe work and handcraft finishing.

Design by Luca Scacchetti

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The collections Proli, Sputnik, Tornio, Arcadia and Dissimetria, Urano, Svaso, come from some reections on the local stone and its ability to take, absorb and make his light with ease and elegance.This makes it possible to imagine an innite number of shapes, proles, silhouette, facets and innite games.

Each of these objects has the sense of a possible “exempla”, where the real actor always remains the stone and its innite metamorphoses.


Design by Luca Scacchetti

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Peso 7 kg

Mod.1 – 23 cm – H 19 cm, Mod.2 – 34 cm – H 27 cm, Mod.3 – 22 cm – H 40 cm


Pietra, Salentine Stone


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