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In PiMar four generations of stone manufacturers, one after the other, inherited the task to offer a unique type of stone to the builders of their home country. Their experience during 150 years guarantees a perfect know–how in the manufacturing of a versatile, ductile and cosmopolitan stone – a real family’s stone. Since the XVII century local artists have been able to make the most of the quality and versatility of our Lecce limestone in different types of buildings of unrivalled beauty and solidity. Today a group of designers is able to interpret the material and translate it into an eclectic collection of furniture for the home and garden. The entire project has also seen the participation of artisans from Salento, cane weavers and small local factories; important factors that have made possible a KM0 collection.

PiMar has been able to accommodate the creativity of the best architects and designers from around the world, providing building materials of top quality. Experience, advanced extraction technologies, consulting engineers, skilled workforce: this provides PIMAR.

In his professional field, PIMAR wants to achieve heights of excellence. For this reason PiMar obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certification, a quality certification for every stages of production, to which is added the registration to the national associations and unions, such as Confindustria, ADI, and ASSORESTAURO.

PiMar offers the best feedback to an increasing demand for services and quality of execution, optimizing and safeguarding all the unique features of its product. For this reason, PiMar provides an expert technical bureau composed by architects, engineers and designers.

MISSION: Developing ideas that make History.